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Continuing Professional Development

I continue to learn, develop and bring a deeper knowledge and understanding to my work with clients. Below are just some of the courses I have been studying over and above my professional qualifications in counselling and couples counselling..

  • The Neurobiology of Attachment

  • Working with Complex Trauma

  • Working somatically with clients

  • The Art of Confrontation with Couples

  • Working online with Individuals and Couples

  • Gestalt and the Dreaming body

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Working with Anxiety

  • Reconnecting with Childhood Joy

  • Working with PTSD

  • numerous podcasts
  • Reading, reading, reading.......

I also have regular supervision and meet with a peer group for further sharing of knowledge and skills. I love my work and hope I can use my knowledge and skills to help clients in their own personal life journeys.

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