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Coronavirus Pandemic

This year has been incredibly challenging for many people.  You may be suffering from increased anxiety around getting ill and keeping yourself and family safe.  Many people are living much more closely with their families than before and this can bring new tensions and exacerbate older difficulties.  Conversely many people are missing their families and friends which can lead to feelings of loneliness and despair. The condition known as Long Covid can bring psychological as well as physical symptoms.  These are new problems but they are also highlighting or intensifying older issues that people may have struggled with.  Counselling can help you to explore these problems, support you through them and find better ways of coping in these difficult times.


In my practice I aim to keep both my clients and myself as safe as possible and am at present only doing video or phone sessions.  Imagining working remotely with a therapist might feel strange at first.  It very quickly can feel comfortable.  Working using video is preferable to phone as it is important for me to see how you are doing during a session.  But phone therapy is also possible for those who feel more at ease with that method.

 I'm also aware that clients may have worries about their income falling and I can sometimes offer lower fees depending on spaces available.  Please use my contact page to get in touch and we can discuss both fees, and how it would work to have online therapy. 


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